Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day Two

We miraculously got every team member up and at 'em at 8 a.m.  After breakfast we headed over for pin trading (and a little more coffee for the coaches).  What a sight!  The food court area was jam packed with kids, each with their towel of pins rolled out in front of them.  Some, like Will, chose to find a seat and stay put.  He let the traders come to him.  Others meandered around the place scoping out the best choices for their trades.  It was an extreme exhibition of OM mania.  Check out the cool pics on the post from earlier today.

We were able to spend some time cheering on other Charlotte teams before we headed to Spontaneous.  The holding "cell," I mean room, was also full of energy and excitement.  Folks waiting to be called in to Spontaneous were keeping each other entertained with jokes, dances, and skits.  One group taught the macarana to us.  Our girls got up and sang/danced the Cupid Shuffle.  For some reason they couldn't convince Will and Hudson to join them...  Here are some before and after Spontaneous pics.

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, the coaches were made to "shake our booties" as the Spontaneous official "pinned a (Scottish) tail on the coaches."  We are supposed to wear these "tails" at all times this weekend and any time we are asked, "Hey coach, where did you get that tail?" We have to, well, just watch the video below...

Spontaneous over, the team is halfway done with our competition.  We celebrated tonight.  Robie and I walked the team back from loading the props to meet Bob for a "team meeting" on the "grassy knoll."  As we approached him, he attacked the kids with silly string!  A great fun way to congratulate them on finishing Spontaneous.

Tomorrow morning we'll wake up bright and early for breakfast and the long term performance.  Keep checking for more pictures and updates!

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