Friday, May 27, 2011

Day One

What a day!  Although you may have linked on to the Opening Ceremonies on-line, I'm sure the  extent of the excitement did not transfer.

We had an eventful day in the car.  Will and Hudson watched 4 movies and were hoping to watch more!  In the girls' car Lucy got a new nickname during truth or dare and Oriana and Michyla led us all a sing along.  When we arrived at the University of Maryland I hopped out of the car to the coaches meeting as Bob and Robie took the kids to settle in the dorms. Grace immediately got her pins out and was ready to trade!

We ate a scrumptious (hmmm, maybe not the best word choice for college dining hall food) meal together before heading to the ceremonies.  The team voted, and Kayla was chosen to represent them in the parade at Opening Ceremonies.  She was thrilled with the opportunity and beamed on the entire walk there.

I met up with the rest of the group and although we were in the nosebleed section, the energy and excitement traveled from the floor of the stadium through the roof!  (In fact, at one sort of quiet moment the thunder boomed outside and for a brief second I was astounded by the special effects in the arena.  Then I heard the rain...)

The parade showcased teams from all over the world and most states.  North Carolina was well represented in our brown OMer shirts and flashing lightsabers.  The kids had a ball cheering for the founder of Odyssey of the Mind, Dr. Sam Micklaus, pictured below with Grace (from the State's Competition).  It really felt like a sporting event.

Tomorrow is our Spontaneous problem and we plan to spend some time cheering on other OM teams and soaking in all of the OM-ness around us!

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