Saturday, May 25, 2013

I love these kids

So Robie and I sent the kids off to the teen party and we went to the coaches party. While we where on our way to the party's I found out they got 8th place so they were screaming. Within an hour they bailed on the party and went back to the dorm. Then they started calling us to hurry back because Will was not feeling well. So we hurried back only to have them throw us a surprise thank you party. Almost cried. We're really going to miss these jerks. 

Quick post for our followers if you haven't heard

Even with giving up 10 points to 52 other teams your team didn't give up. They rocked spontaneous and came out number 8 in the world!!!! We are so proud of these guys. 

Best in couch

Kids hear that they came in 8th.

OM Coaches party!

We came in 8th. With all the problems we had that is a wonderful finish!

The Awards Ceremony just started!

Blowing off steam post spontaneous

Colorful pin trading

Creativity Festival

Will's new Wigdo #postspontaneoushijinks

Looking good after their spontaneous competition.

Grandpa Hudson

Lined up for Spontaneous.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lucy reading a little Taming of the Shrew to the rest of the team during some down time.

A long day

Competition days are usually pretty long and today was no exception. We arrived early to our competition site so we could grab our props and do some run throughs. The server worked perfectly but we only got one run through before they put us in line. Last night the kids made up a customized reply to the judges signal that they were ready that was clever. They did a fantastic job but the server decided to pick this performance to act up so they failed 2 of the 3 emails and spent too much time trying to recover that they ended up running out of time. They were very disappointed but the fails only cost them 10 points so they are bravely marching on. Not to minimize the point lost it will hurt them a lot, but we are very proud of how they handled it during the performance, they never cracked. We will eat "dinner" soon and get ready for spontaneous in the morning. More photos to come, so long for now.
Having lunch after a failed performance!

And they are done. Missed a couple emails, but overall a great performance.

Lined up and ready to go!

Gotta get that makeup just right!

Final touches before we go on.

Jakers adding some finishing touches.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We are all abducting Bob's phone and taking selfies. Mwahaha. I guess we are really getting into the spirit of our skit!

Hanging out

We are all hanging out in the 'common room'. There is no wifi and we need to "study"! (We are such scholars).

Parade of Nations!!

Waiting for the start of the opening ceremony.

Pin trading has begun!

Detroit Airport

Airport welcomed us!

The airport hung up a banner for us! So cool! 

Fun in the Car

We have an hour and a half drive until MSU! Everyone Is so excited! We are half way there! 

On the road


We touched down at 9:23 am this morning. Michigan state here we come!

We are on board heading to Detroit MI,

Plane is on time.

At the airport. We need some Sherpas!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Test Message from Bob

This is a test message to see if this blog works. Please respond if possible.