Friday, May 24, 2013

A long day

Competition days are usually pretty long and today was no exception. We arrived early to our competition site so we could grab our props and do some run throughs. The server worked perfectly but we only got one run through before they put us in line. Last night the kids made up a customized reply to the judges signal that they were ready that was clever. They did a fantastic job but the server decided to pick this performance to act up so they failed 2 of the 3 emails and spent too much time trying to recover that they ended up running out of time. They were very disappointed but the fails only cost them 10 points so they are bravely marching on. Not to minimize the point lost it will hurt them a lot, but we are very proud of how they handled it during the performance, they never cracked. We will eat "dinner" soon and get ready for spontaneous in the morning. More photos to come, so long for now.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry the server didn't cooperate, but they should be proud they carried on. Good luck tomorrow. Thanks for all the updates.