Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Three

The team was up early to get ready for their long-term performance at 8:30.  They were ready to do their best after a healthy breakfast (supplemented with a little sugar and caffeine).

Along with their scores the children receive sticky note compliments from the judges.  The team got one of the best compliments I would ever hope a team from Trinity would get..."I like your teamwork!  Real spirit of the Odyssey!"

We stuck around to watch a few more mouse-mobile performances then the kids had a little too much fun destroying their set. Will and Hudson, well, just take a look at the pictures below...

The rest of the afternoon was spent pin trading and watching other performances.  Grace's brother, Chris, had a wonderful performance of Le Tour Guide.  The team was wonderful at cheering on Coach Bob's son and wife's team.

The night was low key.  For some reason, the kids were pretty worn out. :)

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